Rapports is run by Chris Wells, an accredited sales trainer and coach with 25 years of experience selling and running sales teams in retail, agencies and technology. A wealth of experience with small businesses, startups and large enterprises, including well known brands in technology, retail and fintech, Chris has trained and coached individuals and sales teams of all ages with a broad range of skillsets

"...highly committed to his clients' needs, trustworthy and knowledgeable with utmost care throughout. We all benefit from conducting business with a 'good guy'"

He has experience founding and selling businesses and training and coaching sales teams for startups, pre and post IPO technology companies as well as large enterprises.

"I can not recommend Chris highly enough..."

Chris is passionate about authentic selling, bringing out sales peoples' individual personalities and talents. He has experience nurturing both in-experienced and seasoned sales people, always finding ways to improve the experience for the seller and prospect whilst making the selling more enjoyable and sustainable.

"...someone who just makes sales happen... will build great systems to enable and monitor sales and sales activity... the fact is he makes it look easy. Thoroughly recommended."

To Chris, the stereotype 'pushy salesperson' is unproductive, instead working with sales people and sales teams to create sales processes that are mutually beneficial for the seller and prospect. 

"...a great manager who has a talent for sales and builds empathy and rapport with clients, partners and staff. I highly recommend him!"

Chris is flexible in his approach, drawing on a wealth of experience and knowledge of the leading Sales Methodologies. He likes to keep his knowledge up-to-date by continuing to work in sales alongside Rapports, ensuring his guidance comes from both recent and long term experience.

"Working with Chris has been a pleasure and I have benefited from his positive frame of mind... a natural ability at business development..."

Chris is passionate about sales and sales structure, covering everything from prospecting, discovery, pitching, time management and CRM.

"...an energetic and enthusiastic guy. Highly personable with the ability to impart the energy and enthusiasm in his approach to business."

The first step is to understand the individual and business and creating a structured programme which results in both happier, more committed sales teams and better results. He would love to get to know your business and discover ways to help make things better.

"He has energy and intellect, and an infectious personality."

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Diploma in Sales Coaching and Training
Diploma in Sales Management


BSc Honours Computing - University of Surrey